Norway Nutshell-less

The Trek: Stockholm to Oslo to Flåm to Balestrand to Bergen.


Lest I forget, the trademark Norway in a Nutshell tour is simply a series of train/bus/boat connections that cut down the hassle of buying point-to-point tickets.

Works the same for the Royal Fjord Tour, and this route only diverges after Flam, going onto the Sognefjord, onto Balestrand before heading towards Bergen by expressboat.

No matter. The route goes roughly like this:

1. Oslo-Myrdal (Tickets, especially the Minipris ones can be bought online at NSB)
The minipris tickets do make it worth the point-to-point rides. Grab these fast, because they run out quickly.

2. Myrdal-Flaam Railway (Flaamsbana)
Merely approx. 20 km, but touted to be the most scenic of all, and an engineering feat not withstanding. Tickets also at NSB, at 175 Nk.

3. Flaam-Balestrand-Bergen
A bit tricky. Fjord has the tickets, but have tickets for both Flaam/Balestrand, Balestrand/Bergen, AND Flaam/Bergen. Buying the Flaam/Bergen one is perfectly fine, even with a 24-hr stopover in between. Site can get confusing, because of partial translation. The email’s force however, works fast and strong there. They’ll reply any queries within a day.

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