A City built on Water

Or so says the touristy, bright yellow T-shirt that I might just buy for my father who’s afraid of bright colours.

“Gorgeous, golden, green” were the first words that dropped into mind – the colour of the trees and plants that strikes you hard the moment you exit the airport and hop onto the Airport bus that goes to Stockholm city. The pictures don’t do justice to the breathtaking panorama of the place and its sheer scale.


Swedish suburbia

Stockholm City on the other hand, is like Copenhagen on a larger scale, sprayed across a couple of islands (thus the numerous bridges), and a few more times more expensive.


The people are cautious, but not unfriendly. Some would call it the “Scandinavian Distance”.

Finally reached this hostel (STF Fridhemsplan) after trying a few times – only to learn that they check people in at 3 pm earliest. It is a beautiful place though, marred only by the fact that the slightest things cost money. Adding insult to the injury is thus – that to store luggage at any one time costs an outrageous 20 SEK. But I did so grumpily, and took a walk all the way down to Gamla Stan.

Nationalday celebration Palace

Conclusion: It’s a gross misconception that westerners walk a lot – the collective whole gaped at me when I asked for directions to the old town Gamla Stan (5-7 km away from where I’m staying), and gaped even more when I replied resolutely that I would indeed be walking there and back.

Tourists love Gamla Stan, not surprisingly, and dig its medieval core filled with cobbled stone ground and neighbourly buildings. The Swedish Parliament resolutely keeps the place, imposing stone and all.


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    […] I stayed out of the core city centre and wandered around the parts that I didn’t see on my first visit here. Sadly, that meant getting gobsmacked by the glitzy chic shopping district in Stureplan and […]

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    No such thing as free samples, my dear. Close your eyes, grit your teeth and…spend lor! Helps to be mentally prepared to seethem coming!

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    How do you survive the sky high prices? Bread and coffee for lunch only? Free samples at the supermarket?!

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