Air Traffic Nightmare

It’s goodbye to Bergen, but not before an uphill climb to see the undulating city from some gradient.

I did get to the Bergen Airport early only to find out that the flight to Oslo has been delayed (from 3.45pm to 4.30pm) – I nodded in resignation – until I realised I had a connecting flight from Oslo to Vienna at 5.30pm.

Massive panic of course ensued, with me questioning any flight crew in sight – until I learnt that the Oslo-Vienna Flight had a high possibility of a delay as well. I managed to grab hold of a flight attendant in Bergan and learned that almost every flight today had been delayed and mine was no different.

The reason: The head of flight controls has just been fired for not hiring more air controllers when the summer demand has risen sharply, thereby contributing majorly to the entire problem.

“This year is special. It is complicated,” she mused. “We’ve had many delays all over Norway because of air traffic control problem. Security you know? Very important.”

I finally did reach Oslo Airport in the nick of time with 15 minutes to go, only to find out that the plane bound for Vienna had no pilots because they were apparently also in another plane that was delayed.

When I got into Ruthensteiner, it was already 10pm and in full swing. But it’s nice once more to a room to myself, even though it’s small and somewhat dingy and looking out at the courtyard.

I need to sleep the stress away.

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