Pink jacket in a storm

When I saw the Travel Companion’s  (TC) hideous pink/maroon/purple puffle-up jacket, I was sure of 2 things: either he was a bloody idiot for carrying something that looked like a foreign body emerging from a newly discovered species, or a badly-dressed immigrant who has illusions of grandeur.

It was only when he recounted the story of him reading about a bad and extended spell of weather of a thunderstorm with 100km/hr winds hitting Western Australia’s coast that I silently and grudgingly admitted that I had indeed under-packed.

The bright side was that Qantas departed and arrived punctually and without incident, to my incredulous amazement. TC’s stomach had been giving him grief for a couple of days and to cap off a performance, his day just had to begin with the usual drama as his stomach protested loudly at the slightest turbulence. He spent the time trying not to heave and eating Vegemite – courtesy of the flight attendant who was convinced that the Vitamin B it contained would help settle some nerves as I happily ate his share of ice-cream.

The dark side (pun fully intended) was the intermittent heavy rain, gusty winds and ever looming grey skies – miserable weather that left us very little to do but venture meekly to some nearby shopping cluster to visit the supermarket, and into the city the day after.


The place we’re staying in is nestled in the hills of Perth with an unbelievable view of the stretch of land to the coast. Geoff Telford, our extremely social and funny host, has taken a course at TAFE in running a BnB and his lovely house, its retro furnishings and tender attentions to details impressed me greatly.

Real, adventure out-of-city touring will only commence today, seeing as how the weather seems to have improved a bit, only to dip back into crud for the next few days.


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    can u please please take a picture of the jacket (with/without occupant)?

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    Good luck and have fun! 😀

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