Precipitate of the wrong kind

The landscape of the Furano-Biei region would have been brilliant, if not for the intermittent rain and the heavy cloud cover that seemed to surround the encircling mountaintops. But the hotel room looks out over a few majestic snow-capped peaks (I think this is my travel fetish) and it sort of helps make up for the miserable weather.




There’s nothing much to do in Furano now except to walk around a bit, do a bit of work and go for dinner.

So after visiting the Furano Marche and buying relatively useless stuff (this revelation comes typically on hindsight), I made my way to Teppan Okonomiyaki Masaya. The fact that it;s deserted save for a small group of Thai tourists is quite a mystery to me; after all, didn’t glowing reviews on Tripadvisor say that the place was always packed?



The chef chucks a menu at me while he tosses a bunch of ingredients onto the stove and gamely poses for a photograph at the same time. He’s chatty, speaks English quite well (having lived in Canada for 18 months) and introduces himself to everyone who sits at the bar counter as a guy who ‘came up 15 years ago on his motorcycle from a region near Hiroshima’.

And after that, it’s back to the hotel with more wistful glances outside at the intensifying rain.

Oh lord. Please let tomorrow be better.


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    I like the first photo with the snowcapped mountain in the background and the foreground, glossy from the rain.

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