Travel planning and Templates

Setting up an itinerary shouldn’t have to be difficult. Neither should it suck because planning the time-out – as I believe as least – should be a joyful prelude to the actual holiday itself.

Thankfully, templates do make it all easier.

I started out with writing everything on paper, then got frustrated when I ended up cancelling and overwriting what I’d initially written down. The mess was horrifying, not to mention the amount of paper that was wasted that I should have been a bit more conscious of as well.

Doing up a plan on a blank canvas like Microsoft word however, can be intimidating. Pulling together the information from various documents saved in a folder and typing everything down is a hassle, even with pre-made columns and tables.

There are websites out there however, offering pre-made templates and budget sheets which I’ve only found marginally helpful for my tastes, but they would work for some people.

Here are just some of them:

1. Vertex’s itinerary template in Excel and Word. An alternative could be found here. 

2. Do up your prerequisite penny-pinching here: Budgeting sheet 

3.  The best pick of the lot in my opinion is Travefy. It’s a fantastic app (that’s also web-based) that I can use to put everything down. Its auto-search function of places of interest (hotels and food-spots too) and flights makes it suddenly so much easier to do something up in a blink.

If I can’t rave on about it enough, there’s an option to share the itinerary out with your travel partners, who can also add to the project, as well as a rather dubious expense-function that will record payments made to you and what you owe. But there’re more (which I haven’t yet tried), if Travefy isn’t for you: Kayak or TripIt!.

The Packing List

I used to do up my own list as well, until I found out there were pre-made ones. But since what we pack and how we do it is so personal, I’m just going to leave some suggestions.

pack-this is my favourite of the lot. But Intrepid‘s list is probably one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen. Smart Travel also has their version of the ultimate packing list; so does Independent Traveler and the list (pun intended) goes on with a simple web search.

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