Impulsively, I bought a return ticket on the SJ Regional train to Uppsala, a mere 80km, and a 40 min ride away from Stockholm, passing the glorious countryside once again en route.

Uppsala looked better and better as I walked on, since my first glimpse of it consisted of unsightly chimneys of the industrial areas surrounding the Central Station. The small town feel is genuine, and immensely bewildering for a split second when one realises this is a quintessential town that other pseudo-small towns were built to imitate. It boasts a genteel air almost, with the added honour of holding Sweden’s oldest church.

A short walk uphill in the park made part of Uppsala yield some of its secrets. Its famed university is tucked away from the madding crowd, and can be found nearly a kilometre inwards, squarish, and next to a massive graveyard.

Back in Stockholm in the afternoon, I wandered on without a map and came to this.

Saluhal Ostermalm 1

Saluhal Ostermalm

At Östermalmstorg, I discovered Saluhall, a gourmet food place that has the most mouthwatering things in a gorgeous old building. Took to it immediately and found it a bit like the Victoria Market in Melbourne. The funniest thing is, for all that walking I’ve done, have still yet to come across a single Ikea.

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