Old world charm

One wonders at the tripartite heart of Lisbon – the Bairro Alto (now the clubbing district), the Baixa Chiado (the centre piece and shopping area) and the Alfama (the oldest quarter that survived the 18th century earthquake), yet Tiago merely called it a big village.



He is not wrong, for all 3 areas are interconnected, but the Alfama, followed by the Bairro Alto is undeniably the most compelling with its winding, uneven streets, and its stunning views at various look-out points. Up the Castelo Sao Jorge, a Visigoth battlement enhanced by the Moors with which the Tourism office makes a quick buck out of mere ruins, yields a magnificent panorama of Lisbon.


Down the front, the large square Praca do Comercio must have greeted its seafaring visitors in the grandest manner possible. Rickety Trams are in-thing, especially Trams number 28 and 15, which pretty much take one past all they need to see in Lisbon.

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