Moving Days

The last 2 saturdays were moving days.

On the first Saturday, the luggage and I got into a cab and grudgingly paid the £6 fare up to Royal Terrace from Richmond Place where the Adria Guesthouse is situated – beautiful, spacious Georgian Townhouses with high ceilings and Victorian-lookalike furnishing – typically lined with hotels and other upmarket guesthouses.


Adria Guesthouse surprised me with its furnishings and the only grouse I had was that the wireless (once again!) did not function properly for Macs. Greeted by a man wearing an ‘Australia Post’ T-shirt, a quick tinker for directions had me saunter down Abbey Mount, through Croft an Righ and on straight towards the Salisbury Crags.



The uphill, scenic climb can be a precarious one especially if one is ‘balance-challenged’ as I found out to my horror – the sheer cliff drop, though just 250m down, was enough to terrify in the onward rushing wind.  The views of Edinburgh from Holyrood Park (that stretches from Pollocks Halls all the way to near Carlton) however, are unparalleled. The only place that eluded me was Arthur’s Seat, the highest point in the crags and possibly in Edinburgh – a climb that I shall only attempt on a day when bravery and foolish impulse rule the hour.

Carlton hill, is on the other hand, thankfully less steep and takes a mere 5 min climb from Blenheim Place, recommended for those who feel lazy or are incapacitated in some way or another. At sunset, the skyline becomes threateningly dramatic.

The second Saturday saw a move to some permanent place down at the border Leith, north of the city centre and the Old Town. Though a mere 10 minutes walk from the Royal Terrace, but it seemed an eternal distance to cover when 3-4 overloaded packs came with me on foot.

Thereafter began the utter madness of furnishings and grocery-shopping.

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