Insane Balkanology

“I don’t know why you always plan your trips like it’s the first and only time you’ll ever see these places,” TC told me. “When we were in London, it was like boot camp! No wonder I was so grumpy always.”

How was I to articulate that spontaneously that it could very well be the last time I stepped foot into some place, when there are so many other places in the world to see, so urgently? It certainly wasn’t because I feared that ageing would slow me down, or that inertia would catch up. The idea of seeing more and more countries as displaying the “traveller’s trophy cabinet” sounded equally ludicrous.

I still can’t explain it. But that urgency is alive and, shall we say, far too driving to ignore.

The frustration planning this 1-week trip to the Balkans has been more of than not, hairy, frustrating, insane, merry-geese chasing and many more adjectives worth than my muddled mind can come up with at the moment.

Bus journeys/ferry timetables (multiple companies running similar services!) are particularly difficult to plan off-season, coupled with the fact that the language is in no way comprehensible. Now throw in possible day-tours and excursions, and other trips to some other islands. Many forum posts, furious but surreptitious perusals of itineraries and other trigger-happy travel blog posts aimed to show off the extent to which a human being can get absolutely plastered, I was led back to the very beginning of it all.

A very knowledgeable and wonderful website I’ve come across in the initial stages of planning, reminded myself to go back to it, but never did.

Balkanology: A comprehensive and traveller-savvy site by someone who know the region like the back of his hand.

And finally, bus timetables that make sense:

Balkanology’s Croatia links

Less than a month away, I’m scrambling madly for things to make sense still.

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