Beachy day

Being near the sea and surf is like being constantly intoxicated.

Drunk on and mesmerised by the wonderful scenery from the previous day, the next day began with a customary visit to Prevelly Beach despite our mental fatigue and sluggishness from all that driving the day before. Dirk had warned us that there was lots to see and do, leaving us fairly dazed and confused after breakfast by the number of circles he made on our map. The route was easy; on the map, it looked like we would be shuttling down Bussel Hwy and Caves road from South to North and everything in between. But these wonderful stores, wineries, factories and such could not be covered in a week, let alone a day.

But Prevelly park was just “across the road” – a 5-10 minute drive, at 90km/hr. So we began with that. Extremely popular with surfers, Prevelly also sits at where the Margaret River flows into the sea, not like there was anyone surfing in the crushing rain. It soon gave way to sunshine – and we were wet once again.

Such blue skies in winter, such incredible colours! Many times, it was difficult to put down the camera and just enjoy the moment for the fear I could never capture it again.



We made our way down through the tiny town of Augusta and all the way to Cape Leeuwin after deliberating a long time at Prevelly park. Tiredness be damned (what irresponsibility!), as there was no other way to cover this stretch otherwise. The road passed Karri forests along the way – trees which are among the tallest in the world and probably quite ancient, and with an even more irresponsible act on an empty road, I stopped the car just there and clicked happily away.

We made Augusta at nearly 2pm and carried on resolutely onto the lighthouse just to see the imaginary divide between the Southern and Indian Ocean. Somehow, even that excited me.



We turned slightly inland to the Rosa Glen Valley after Augusta to the Berry Farm to fill poor TC’s stomach with some scones and tea. It was there I got my first experience of the local produce – jams, mustard and all things to do with berries and fruits and it was irresistible. Little did I know this was just like our Swan valley experience writ large – more world-renowned, more snooty, more glamorous and more mind-boggling.

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