Sea-longing, Sea change

We could not get enough of the sea.

After a long day going up and down the stretch, I was ready to crash and spend some quality time with the laptop and Dirk’s internet connection.

But my disobedient, traitorous mind and mouth asked aloud, “What about spending sunset at Prevelly park before going straight to dinner?”

TC thought it was a good idea, despite his own traitorous mind telling him otherwise.


We went back to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Pockets of rain coated the Indian ocean in the distance like the sleek veils of dancing odalisques while dark clouds moved and intermingled with the fading daylight. That was over all too soon.

Canal Rocks was the last place we decided to try on an unsettled day. Grey clouds loomed thick over this part of the Cape track and we weren’t sure if it was even worth exploring on a day that seemed so dreary. Granite outcrops and protrusions created a canal through which the sea flows into. It would have been prettier on a sunny day, but its melancholy light lent the deserted place some poetic sense of peace amidst the tumult of the waves, wind and rain.


We walked, barely hearing anything else above the crash of the waves. A lone sea gull stood bravely in the wind and the horizontal rain. We, on the other hand, weren’t that brave, hightailing it back to the car in search of food.

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