Iceland, Island, Islande, Ísland!

Done in a matter of an hour or so to complete my northern exposure: Flights from Germany to Iceland and back, with the accommodation. One of the wildest dreams just became a (virtual) reality: Iceland’s brutal beauty of looming volcanoes, thundering (or frozen) waterfalls over snow-capped peaks – unlike their cute Alpine cousins among Swiss chalets – that seem to immediately recall Ragnarök.

Beyond these parameters, there’s nothing yet, but there are few more niggly bits – transportation within the country and day trip operators – to be taken care of. Going in winter however (most people visit in the summer months when the sun doesn’t set), means sticking to the well-trodden Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon and Geysir, and nothing much out of the Southwest, let alone far north.

Iceland on a budget felt close to impossible despite Lonely Planet’s sanguine reassurances that, post-2008’s crash, it’s a lot more financially doable from a tourist’s perspective these days, as long as Eyjafjallajökull keeps itself quiet. To my surprise, my initial impressions were off the mark: accommodations in a studio apartment did not cost more than a typical night in Europe’s pensions or hostels, and the costs from the other days trips felt sort of reasonable.

But the Iceland stretch is merely a parameter within another one. Searching for a schedule from here to Frankfurt that leaves sufficient time between landing, and re-checking-in – while keeping in mind exorbitant flight prices and my own sanity – is also underway.

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