An eternity in …

An eternity in hell, I swear, is akin to sitting for an interminably long time in a plane to goodness-knows-where. Forget the fire, brimstone and the false preachers folks, the aeroplane, the A380, the 777…cattle class, coach, economy, is the new hell. An eternity in the plane later with no sleep and a rushed stopover in Sydney, the sprawling city of Auckland came into view as a series of inlets and bays that have cut deep into the land, housing what appears to be a sizeable Asian and Polynesian population.

Tired and jet-lagged (accompanied with the typical symptoms of gritty eyes, a generally bad disposition and stinky armpits), there was very little to do after a surprisingly decent drive across the city centre – boats seem to be a way of life here – towards the northern part of the city in Bayswater where the studio apartment was.



All the action was shunted to the day when, after a quick jaunt to the Auckland Art Gallery for a glimpse of Home AKL, an irrepressible urge to visit the West Coast led us to the Waitakere Ranges onto Piha to visit the black sand beaches and Lion Rock. A quick but great dinner in the very cool Grey Lynn’s Delicious and I was finally sleep-bound once more.

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