Through the fog and mist

Many, many hours after I checked out of the hotel, I find myself in my own bedroom trying to recall the last hours I spent in Lake Akan and Kushiro. I draw a blank, mostly because tiredness and jet lag addle my memory, but also because I think I didn’t do very much at all even with the aimless driving around.



Exploring the Kushiro Marshland was a total washout, quite literally so, when the most I could see was a few metres ahead. Kushiro city itself looked drab and grey in the early afternoon light. In desperation to pass the time, I decided that looking at cranes was in order and personally didn’t find them very interesting. The signs in English – which looked like they’d been run through Google translate – provided more amusement but even that didn’t last long enough to keep it all interesting.

I gave up and got myself to the airport early, walked a few hundred times around the shops and waited…and waited…and waited.

Mileage of the day: 172.1 kmTotal mileage of the trip: 1332.3 km.
Total amount spent on fuel: 12, 988 Yen.

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