Sanur Beach walk

I’m bad with free days on vacation. Without something planned on the agenda, I’m as lost as a pigeon without feed. Waking up late is a side luxury when I’ve been getting up at the arse crack of dawn the past few days and wandering down to the hotel’s bakery, I decided that the 4km-length of the Sanur beach walk might do some good.



Under the scorching heat, I lasted merely a kilometre or so before hailing a taxi back to languish in the pool for a bit, while wondering how people manage to do this all day.

But here, in Sanur, there are things to do still: shopkeepers to bargain with, spas to visit, day trips to other parts of Bali to do, tons of Balinese food to try. Apart from diving – which is a relatively recent rediscovery of mine – Bali’s rightfully known for its innumerable spas of which I’m unashamedly taking advantage. The array of services is bewildering but cheap and mouthwateringly good, as is the smell of the herbal concoctions that practiced hands rub onto skin.

I’ll miss it loads when my run in Sanur ends.


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