3 days in Krabi and that sentiment might just characterise the Travel Companion’s (TC) and my dive experience.

The TC had too many questions (mostly unanswered) about buoyancy – an issue that sorted itself out by the second dive day. The poor thing somehow figured it out all on her own after the numerous explanations given by several dive instructors. That, and a rather ‘deaf’ Norwegian man who went ‘Haarh?’ loudly at everything people said to him, before answering in an unintelligible accent. Coupled with a Divemaster in training (from Sweden) who was made the errand boy for all things and still didn’t quite know what to do.


We sailed on the Lavadee – the boat belonging to Scuba Addicts – on both days; the first to the local islands in Ao Nang, and the second to Phi Phi. The heavy rains on the day we arrived had made visibility 1-2 m, which was a challenge to dive in, but Phi Phi offered somewhat better conditions at least.


Scandinavians and Russians are aplenty in this small resort town littered with rows of shops and food touts who come alarmingly close to you. On the boat, the Norwegians were surprisingly chatty, speaking about everything under their fjords, the failing oil & petroleum industry and the long way back from South-east Asia. The Russians pretended to be cocky Americans. ‘Nuff said. Throw in a Brit or 2 and the mix becomes weird.

I can only hope TC feels better prepared for the Maldives trip we’re taking next year.