Dancing on walls

So said the climbing instructor last night, because climbers endeavour to ‘flow’ on walls, with one movement melding smoothly into the next in a series of twists, turns, smears and flags. Those definitions confound me and only make sense when they’re broken down into simple moves and repeated.

It’s jaw-droppingly graceful when the instructor does it (so much that I felt like he needed a glossy magazine spread of his own), unlike my own stilted movements when I go from one hand-hold to another with gritted teeth.

The last two weeks of sports climbing have been interesting, to say the least. Rather than learning rope techniques again, I signed up for a climbing basic technique class, in the hope of not looking like an utter idiot when going vertical.

The instructors are fantastic, their students rubbish. Most of them, at least, including me.

There are 2 more sessions to go and with each one, I keep thinking of canyoneering and outdoor climbing.

Baby steps.

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