Ode to the pink jacket

I was determined to keep the last 2 days in Perth a relaxing one after the collective and prolonged excitement of Margaret River.

Things as usual, do not always go according to plan. Returning the car on a Sunday morning meant waking up as early as possible, before rushing (as always) last minute shopping and gifts in the city centre which was fairly unpleasant after the quiet stay in the countryside down south.

Our hosts throughout the trip however, have been excellent company and wonderful people, and are probably one of the highlights of the trip. The weather was mostly excellent, us having dodged several serious winter storms. In some parts of the state, it was practically spring-like with lingering autumn colours.

Divine providence once more prevailed.


Sandra Durack in Mt Lawley was no different as we were on the last leg of the trip and her feline companion Tilly was probably the best non-human company I’ve had in ages. Hyperactive, uber-friendly, extremely sociable and way too curious for her good, Tilly’s bulky winter coat hid a thin body that was acquired from all the climbing and whatever cats do in the day. I met her one morning as she rushed by the breakfast room. Thereafter, she was a constant presence around the house.


She helped me to pack rather cheerfully, her tail and nose leading the way before she settled on my sheets to watch how tedious the task really is.

But the highlight of my day was probably seeing the TC’s maturing fashion sense when he finally decided to give the pink jacket to the homeless – via our host.

The gourmet trail

“Is my face getting rounder? Do I look heavier?” TC won the crown of longsuffering as he constantly endured my increasingly psychotic questions that popped up involuntarily a few times a day and particularly after each meal. Such questions weren’t totally unfounded actually; I think it’s fair to say that I ate myself out of my pants and […]

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Sea-longing, Sea change

We could not get enough of the sea. After a long day going up and down the stretch, I was ready to crash and spend some quality time with the laptop and Dirk’s internet connection. But my disobedient, traitorous mind and mouth asked aloud, “What about spending sunset at Prevelly park before going straight to […]

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W(h)inery and sour grapes

Does this make any sense, anyone? Colour: Deep red with garnet hues Full-bodied yet refined, the plush palate offers ripe, jubey fruits such as blackcurrants, plums and mulberries framed by subtle cedar/spicy oak characters. Smooth and silky, firm and fine-grained; a structured wine whose slightly closed and brooding core of blackberries, cassis and plums is tightly interwoven […]

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Tree Hugger

We certainly didn’t think that we would be spending any time in trees. Yet we found ourselves heading to Pemberton bright and early for a 2-hr drive after a few people preached the notion of an exhilarating treetop climb there, stopping to change over quite hilariously in a disease risk area. Picturesque Pemberton is yet […]

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Beachy day

Being near the sea and surf is like being constantly intoxicated. Drunk on and mesmerised by the wonderful scenery from the previous day, the next day began with a customary visit to Prevelly Beach despite our mental fatigue and sluggishness from all that driving the day before. Dirk had warned us that there was lots […]

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Cape to Cape

A Joey cantering in the backyard of the place we stayed in was a bizarre start to the day, but not an unwelcome one. In contrast to my excitement, Dirk and Pam, our hosts for the 4 days we were there, were nonchalant about their bush surroundings and immediately began a treatise of the wildlife […]

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Faded days of glory

We reached Fremantle in good time. In fact, I’m glad we even reached at all with TC’s driving. Bloody foggy and miserable weather in the hills of Perth gave way to surprising sunshine in Fremantle and that did make for some interesting walks. Fremantle wears its colonial past on its architectural sleeves quite proudly and […]

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The shortest U-shaped tour

At the first sign of clearer weather, I insisted that we should visit regions unreachable by public transport while we still had the silver Lancer and according to a friend’s advice, took to the Swan valley district like bees to honey. The Swan district is the upper part of the Swan river meandering somewhat north of Perth […]

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Pink jacket in a storm

When I saw the Travel Companion’s  (TC) hideous pink/maroon/purple puffle-up jacket, I was sure of 2 things: either he was a bloody idiot for carrying something that looked like a foreign body emerging from a newly discovered species, or a badly-dressed immigrant who has illusions of grandeur. It was only when he recounted the story […]

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