Somewhere in the sitting room, the keys of an old, traditional piano move to the sound of an equally traditional tune, though halting, and unpractised, the English country home feel of Midtnes Pension is complete.

Midtnes Hotel


I wished I had decided to stay 2 nights here instead of the Flam Valley. By some coincidence, there happens to be an exhibition of vintage cars, attracting ignorant visitors and visitors who pretend to know a lot.

Vintage Cars exhibition Balestrand

Vintage Ford

There’s little I remember apart from staying still for long periods of time while wandering around. The faces of travellers whom I’ve briefly spoken to flit by like the reel of a film, and after a while, they too, pass into oblivion.


Norway is expensive, much to my dismay. Food and drink cost thrice to four times as much as I am used to. Yet I had the most extraordinary encounter in Café Asylet on my last night in Oslo. The original intention to try at least a meagre portion of Norwegian food had finally won out, and […]

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Oslo: Old and Powerfully Simple

If there’s anything to say about classic Scandinavian design, Oslo Airport Gardemoen probably embodies it (well, at least it ranks second to Copenhagen’s one). Pine floors, navy, white and yellow, sleek, clean lines. Norway already feels more rugged than picture-perfect Sweden (that seems so typically Scandinavian) but it’s the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (judging […]

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Impulsively, I bought a return ticket on the SJ Regional train to Uppsala, a mere 80km, and a 40 min ride away from Stockholm, passing the glorious countryside once again en route. Uppsala looked better and better as I walked on, since my first glimpse of it consisted of unsightly chimneys of the industrial areas surrounding the […]

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A City built on Water

Or so says the touristy, bright yellow T-shirt that I might just buy for my father who’s afraid of bright colours. “Gorgeous, golden, green” were the first words that dropped into mind – the colour of the trees and plants that strikes you hard the moment you exit the airport and hop onto the Airport […]

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Norway Nutshell-less

The Trek: Stockholm to Oslo to Flåm to Balestrand to Bergen. Lest I forget, the trademark Norway in a Nutshell tour is simply a series of train/bus/boat connections that cut down the hassle of buying point-to-point tickets. Works the same for the Royal Fjord Tour, and this route only diverges after Flam, going onto the […]

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Alcohol, Lakes and Myths

I did not understand a word, but loosened my death grip on the ubiquitous Lonely Planet Scandinavian Europe guide. When the group of middle-aged Finnish women grew increasingly boisterous as we neared Savonlinna (Finland’s major town of the Southeastern Lake District) on a dawdling and rickety regional train that connected us from Parikkala to Savonlinna […]

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