The Settling-in Process

I waffle on big decisions.

To pick a place to settle in – at least for the next few years – isn’t an easy decision, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made a few choices, did several turnarounds, then chose again and am still wondering if I’ve done it all correctly. Fickle, fickle, fickle.

Melbourne (Australia, not Florida) is it for now, with the partner, which sort of makes things easier and not, with also the view that this might just be a temporary location before we pack and move again.

An apartment in the Docklands via Airbnb for about a month and a half is what we got before we flew in – though this might have suspiciously been a sublet that isn’t quite legal. With property prices at an all-time high, the apartment is a bit of a rare find, though unexpectedly ill-furnished, dirty and quite lacking in basic amenities.

Jet-lagged and tired from the packing up, we hit the ground running with a huge number of things set before us: applying for medicare, stocking the apartment with daily trips to places like Kmart, Target, Coles, Woolworths, Harris Scarfe, Big W, getting a bank account done up, buying a printer (online!), looking at cars, license conversion, scouting out permanent rental places, jobs…and the list pretty much goes on and on.

Transitions are never easy. But it’s a new start I’m hoping to get very excited over…soon.

Tbilisi for the Uninitiated

The Caucasus is a region I had absolutely no clue about, except that it is where Europe and Asia converge, and where ancient man, as anthropologists and linguists posit, first walked out of Africa and into this part of the world. Georgia seemed like the logical choice when I planned this trip, along with Azerbaijan or […]

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Travelling when ill

It’s hard to do anything when your body doesn’t want to corporate. You’re sneezing, coughing or wheezing and there’s a flight to catch, or a train to run after, or an early morning call that you have to take because you’ve signed up for an early day tour that you sort of now regret. I’ve hard […]

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Have you brought it all?

Despite the incredibly officious sounding title, this is simply a post emphasising the importance of staying safe on the road especially when it comes to documentation and the very small but vital thing called the passport. It has been nearly a decade since I fell prey to a squat couple in the hills of Barcelona, who […]

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She goes alone

Is the world an infinitely more dangerous place for a solo female traveller? Yes and no. There is no succinct answer. Much of that depends on the places you decide to visit, the precautions you take and the force of a charming personality that can actually overcome some obstacles that an otherwise surly person wouldn’t. […]

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Solo travel

I’ve gotten many reactions when I tell people that I roam the globe alone. But there is resistance all around. I’ve been called all the adjectives that lie between brave and foolish and there is of course, the constant nagging from the family that safety is of utmost importance. Not forgetting cost, because single travellers […]

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